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I got my degree in film studies at ISAMM- Tunis in 2006 and a Masters in 2011.

I am a director of photography who does commercial, narrative and doc work.  

For me, camera movement and composition is just as important as lighting. 

How a frame moves into the next frame. To try to make the camera movement a part of the emotional connection of the talent in the films.  So are lenses and color in creating mood. 

I can understand the needs of the director since I make my own films as well.  I understand their dedication to their ideas and their drive, that I work to augment.  And if you are a producer reading this, I completely understand your needs as well and think you are wonderful.

I take on every project with as much energy as humanly possible. Cinematography is my passion, along with 3D and 2D software, photography and gaming.

I'm based in Tunis but available to travel.

I work on all projects, big and small.

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